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Testimonials For Technichem Grease, Sludge & Odor Solutions

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Manual Cleaning In Lift Stations Eliminated

"Using Greasebugs LSC has resulted in a dramatic reduction in grease build-up in our lift stations, thus reducing the fouling probes, floats and increasing their efficiencies. The mechanical cleaning has been reduced from six-month intervals, to just inspections. We haven't cleaned any treated wet well in over two years"

Greasebugs Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment

"Our (school kitchen) drains haven't backed up in since we switched to your product. Also, the only times our drains start to stink is when forget to replace the container at the pump!"

Greasebugs Megadose Liquid

"Has turned our phosphorus heavy sludge from grey / septic to a nice brown color in our low pressure system plant. We've used products from other suppliers in the past, that just didn't work. We're now using Greasebugs Megadose Liquid on a slow drip, and couldn't be happier." 

Greasebugs Megadose Log

"We've used other blocks (from a prominent janitorial supply house), and the "___ On A Rope" with mediocre results. We tried the Megadose Log (10lb) in three of our lift stations, and noticed a difference in the grease buildup right away." 

City Spends $7,500 To Save $250,000

"The city had been saving up money for the past 10 years for the eventual cleaning of the 20 year old lagoons. But, closing down one lagoon while it was drained and the sludge removed, and then having the other one done was not a scenario that we really wanted to deal with. Also, the estimated cost to clean out both was over a $250,000. So, we decided to try the Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend 2-year aggressive treatment program, and we're glad we did. *The city's $7,500 investment saved us $250,000!"

*It's worth noting that factoring in the interest earned on the saved $250,000, our Sludgebugs program was virtually free. 

Sludge Hauling Cut By Over 75%

"We had an overwhelming sludge accumulation in our two 10-acre cells, and rather than having it hauled out, we decided to try your Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend 2-year aggressive treatment program. After two years, we had eliminated 55% of the sludge volume. We observed a 3-foot reduction in the 5-foot sludge mounds at both inlet pipes. We also noticed that the 10-12 inches of sludge around the perimeter of each pond disappeared, and virtually all of the floating debris was eliminated in the first week of use." 

Stubborn Urine Odors Eliminated In Less Than Three Days

"Last year, we switched to low flow waterless toilets in all of our schools, and later noticed a horrible odor build up in the restrooms that didn't see as much use as the main ones. We tried Odorbugs Toilet, Sink & Floor Drain in them and the odor went away almost overnight. We now use it as a regular part of our maintenance routine." 

Bakery Kitchen & Meat Cutting Room Sewer Lines Clear Of Grease For Years

"We've been using Greasebugs Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment for many years now, and the only time we have had any problem was when we switched to a cheaper, low bacteria count product from our food service company. That was a big mistake. Within' two months we had a backup and a major flood in our bakery kitchen that closed our grocery store down for days and cost us a fortune in lost business. Since we switched back to your product, all of our pipes have been clear of grease and odors. We also notice much less loading in our grease traps, which is an added bonus.

Greasebugs LSC & Sludgebugs Arctic Blend Working Year Round In Lift Stations

"Grease accumulation in our lift stations had been a huge problem for us. We started using Greasebugs LSC with the addition of Sludgebugs Arctic Blend in the cold weather months and it's working great. We're able to keep our walls, floats and pumps grease free year round." 

Sludgebugs AR & Greasebugs LSC Once A Month 

"Once a month, I add a pound of Greasebugs LSC and a pound of Sludgebugs AR into the last manhole before the plant in our mobile home park, to keep FOG and sludge from building up, and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve tried adding in more, but found that this dosage does just the right job for us." 

Sludgebugs AR Overcomes Industrial Waste Upset

"Over the past 3 years, we have encountered several episodes of digester upset due to zinc laden industrial waste being discharged to the sanitary sewer system. We introduced Sludgebugs AR into the digester through the hatch on the cover and then ran our gas mix-compressor to distribute the product throughout the digester. 

Within the next 36 hours we noticed an increase in the methane gas production and a decrease in our volatile acids/alkalinity was well within the normal limits of good digestion. We were very well pleased with the results and would recommend this product to anyone having difficulties." 

Sludge & Grease Reduction In Wet Well And Sewage Pond

"I've been using your Greasebugs LSC and Sludgebugs Arctic Blend in our lift stations for 6 years, and this time I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of floating grease and soap buildup. I've also noticed a decrease in the sludge depth around the pond edges and the sludge mound at the inlet pipes. In fact, last year, a contractor who was removing cattails in the lagoons, was amazed at the low sludge levels in our 25-year-old ponds." 

Call 800-860-TECH or contact us for a Technichem comprehensive waste water and grease bioremediation program for your sewer collection system and lagoons, or for any Technichem grease, sludge & odor solutions program. 

Sludge Hauling Reduced By 75%

"Prior to using Sludgebugs AR, we were hauling seven loads of sludge every week. Now we've cut our hauling to seven loads every thirty to forty days. Besides hauling less sludge, it has kept our trucks off of the road, resulting in less maintenance, less fuel and less man hours. I would recommend this product to anyone in the waste water treatment field."

Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend Saved Village Over $150,000

"We treated our lagoon cell with Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend for a 2-month period, with testing done both before and after treatment. The results showed a 35% reduction of sludge, and added at least 10 years to the life of the cell. We estimated that your product saved our village $150,000 - $175,000."

Odor & Grease Problems Eliminated In Wet Well And Primary Clarifier

"Every other week, we spray the top of our wet well just past the grinder pump with Odor & Grease Destroyer, and we toss in a couple packets of Greasebugs LSC. The combination has eliminated the hardened floating grease (which used to be 6"-10" thick) in the wet well and primary clarifier. In the past, we were skimming every 2-3 weeks, sometimes using shovels to break up the grease mat. Now we're skimming only 2-3" of softened grease every 3-4 months."

Village Cuts 50% Of Sludge Hauling 

"We've been using your products in our wastewater plant for six years and have had great results. We use one pound of Sludgebugs AR each time we waste into our digester. By the morning we have at least 6 feet of clear water to decant back into our headworks. Prior to using your product we had a bulking problem that had a negative effect on our effluent discharge. For the past 5-1/2 years that's not been a problem." We also love your product Greasebugs LSC. It has saved us the nasty job of physically removing grease from our grease pit."

Sludgebugs Help School District Dramatically Reduce Ammonia Levels

"We were having problems meeting our ammonia levels with the state. We were always testing 21-26mg/l. When we contacted your company, you put us on a program using Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend and Sludgebugs Arctic Blend. We use only 1/2 pound per day, and we've seen terrific results. Our ammonia levels are now consistently below 3.5mg/l, and the water quality has very much improved. 

We know that we are breaking down the sludge levels in our lagoon because we're observing debris pop-ups that are breaking down rapidly. Our state inspectors are now very happy with our facility."

Mobile Home Park Saves $8,000 Yearly In Sludge Hauling Costs

"Prior to using your products, we hauled sludge weekly, and now we are hauling 70% less. Using Sludgebugs AR and Sludgebugs Arctic Blend has saved us over $8,000 in hauling costs alone, and our plant has never run better. The park owners are extremely pleased with the money that they have saved, and I am delighted with the lessening workload as well as the quality of our effluent."

Odorbugs Nitrify 20X Re-Establishes Nitrification In 4MGD Municipal WWTF 

"An industrial discharge of dye wiped out our nitrifiers this fall. Our ammonia levels increased slowly and in two weeks we fell out of state compliance. As a last resort we ordered 20 pounds of your Odorbugs Nitrify 20X and dosed over a three day period as you directed. Within 48 hours we noticed a remarkable ammonia decrease and 24 hours later we were in under our limits. Amazingly, by the seventh day we were back to normal."

Odor Eliminated And Sludge Reduced In Private Community Lagoons

"We're very satisfied with Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend. We lost a lot of sludge last year, and will continue to use your aggresive treatment program again this year. We have also noticed that there are no longer any odors."

Sludge & Odors Greatly Reduced In Florida Community

"We purchased Sludgebugs Lagoon blend because sludge was building up fast in our polishing pond, and was popping up to the surface all over the place. The housing development just over the fence from us was continually complaining about the smell. Within the first week of using Sludgebugs, the complaints stopped, and haven't resumed. And, by the way, our sludge has since been reduced greatly. We also use Sludgebugs ANR in our .3MGD plant, and it too has greatly reduced the amount of sludge that we haul from our anaerobic digester."

Mobile Home Community Lagoon System Cuts Sludge In Half

"Four years ago we discovered over 24 inches of sludge buildup in our primary pond. Last year we used your Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend aggressive treatment program in the pond and are very pleased to say that we now only have about one foot of sludge remaining. We are continuing with Sludgebugs again this year in the primary pond and we've decided to add them to our secondary pond as well."

$375,000 Saved With 50% Sludge Reduction

"Our four wastewater lagoons were filling up fast after nearly 4o years of service and we were constantly over our limits for TSS and BOD. After we received a $400,000 quote for dredging and hauling over 25 acre-feet of sludge. We decided to go with your Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend quote for a two-year aggressive treatment program at $12,325 per year (3.08% of dredging cost per year). Over those two years we eliminated over 12.5 acre-feet of sludge and our TSS and BOD are now 70% lower. We are planning to continue using Sludgebugs at your maintenance dosage rate." 

Greasebugs Megadose Or Nothing! 

"The grease mat is the thinnest we've ever seen in our primary cell. At this point, we refuse to use anything but Greasebugs Megadose in our lagoons!"

Odor Permanently Eliminated

"We had a terrible odor problem in our plant this past summer. We tried everything to clean it up, but nothing worked. You suggested your product Odor & Grease Destroyer and sent us 6 gallons to try out, and boy did it ever work! We applied 2 gallons when it arrived and 1 gallon every 5 days, and imediately the odor was gone and did not return. Your product has a great mulberry aroma and an added benefit was that the grease on the sidewalks and baffles were much easier to clean by simply hosing them down. We intend to purchase a barrel of this product in the springtime."

I Wish That More Of Our Vendors Would Take This Approach 

"Just a quick note to tell you that Sludgebugs Arctic Blend worked great for us this winter, and to thank you for your thoughtfulness. When you recommended Sludgebugs to us, you told me that you didn't want to see us use any more product than necessary, and that I should back my dosage rate down to the point where we felt comfortable with the results, and even though we are a small town, you gave us a great discount. I just wanted to say thanks and that I wish more of our vendors would take this approach."

Fish Cleaning Station

"We've been using Odorbugs Odor & Waste Degrader in our fish cleaning station for 6 years now. The station sits close to the boardwalk where our tourists frequent, and we were fielding complaints about the awful smell of it. Since we've used Odorbugs, we just don't receive the complaints like we had in the past."

We Never Realized How Much Money We Were Saving By Using Your Product

"Well this is our eleventh year of using Greasebugs Drain Line & Grease Trap Treatment, and all I have to say is that it's been a great product. Since the day first started using it we have had zero backups in neither our butcher shop or our bakery. We looked up our records and in the years prior to using your product, we saw an average of 9 days per year that we had to close our operation down due to backups. I guess we never really realized how much money we were saving by using your product ... there's nothing worse than having to tell your customers that you're closed down due to sewer lines backing up and flooding your store"

Greasebugs NS (Non-Surfactant) Eliminates Foaming And Grease Caking Issues

"Greasebugs NS has been a godsend to us. We're using it in our plant and drain lines that were previously a constant problem. Your product has solved the grease caking issues in our digesters as well as the massive foaming that would occur every time we turned on our aerators. Our drain lines in our processing plant facility are running freely, and our staff have noticed that the odors from them have not returned since we switched to your product."

Greasebugs Megadose Logs & Greasebugs LSC 

"We're currently using 30lb Greasebugs Megadose Logs in all of our lift stations that give us trouble. We've placed them just as you instructed us in the wells that were giving us the biggest problems, and they've worked great ever since. Also, we'll continue to use Greasebugs LSC on a weekly basis in the manholes that feed the worst of them. Great products at great prices!"

EPA Approved

"We just received the report that the condition of the sewer system is very good, and has the approval of the EPA. We replaced the aeration lines, which were 15 to 20 years old. For maintenance reasons, the sewers on the side streets have been blown out. The Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend have worked very well to keep the ponds clean, and the Greasebugs LSC have all of the lift stations working properly again."

Sludgebugs Arctic Blend & Lagoon Blend

"Our village has a population of 1,700, with 3 lagoons (untouched since 1968) with 10" to 30" in each influent pond. Our suspended solids readings have always been very high during discharge, with nasty water clarity in all ponds. In March of 2006, we started our project using Sludgebugs Arctic Blend for three winters and Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend for two summers (total expenditures: $11,527.67). 

Results in the two influent cells were 0" to 10" of sludge. Our discharge is well within our limits and the discharge water is as clear as 7UP. You saved us a lot of money and headaches. Great products!"

Case Studies:

Sludge Hauling Cut By Over 25% 

Test Objective: 

To observe if the steady addition of Sludgebugs AR in an aerobic digester would decrease the amount of bio-solids, and to identify any negative effect in the wastewater stratum that could be contributed to Sludgebugs AR.

Plant Information: 

Activated sludge plant with a 450K gallon aerobic digester/storage tank. Bio-solids are hauled each spring and fall. 

Dosage Rate:

From July thru November, Sludgebugs AR was applied at a rate of 5 pounds per week for four weeks, followed by by 2.5 pounds per week during the remaining 13 week period. 

Test Results:

Sludge hauled - 324K gallons / 37 dry tons - cost: $8,456
Sludge hauled in the previous year - 435K gallons / 52 dry tons - cost: $11,380
Reduction - 111K gallons (26%) / 15 dry tons (29%) for a savings of $2,924 (29%)

*No adverse effects were reported