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Odorbugs Odor & Waste Degrader *Mulberry Scented

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Odorbugs Odor & Waste Degrader

Odorbugs Odor & Waste Degrader (5 gallon closed head pail or 6x1 gallon case)*

Powerful mulberry scented product with over 800 billion bacteria cultures per gallon. Specifically formulated for degrading waste, sludge and grease while immediately taming odors in a plethora of applications.

  • Now improved with 60% higher bacteria count!
  • Works great in all types of waste water treatment plants, lift stations, wet wells, grinder pumps, holding tanks and pits. 
  • Performs with outstanding results in marine and RV dump stations, portable, pit, vault & cement toilets. 
  • Unbeatable in fish cleaning station grinder pumps. 

Odorbugs Odor & Waste Degrader is a high-powered blend of 6 strains of selectively adapted bacteria, specialized fat splitting enzymes, surfactants and special bio-degradable odor masking perfumes that quickly control odors, liquefy and digest FOG (fats, oils and grease), waste, hydrocarbons, tissue paper and detergents in anaerobic and aerobic conditions.


WWTP / COLLECTION SYSTEMS: Add 6 gallons per 100K GPD per week. Thereafter, titrate to the lowest dosage that yields desired results.

DUMP STATIONS, PIT & CEMENT TOILETS: Add 1 gallon per 1K gallon capacity, weekly. Thereafter, increase as needed, or decrease to no less than 1 quart per 1K gallons. *Add water to cover solids

PORTABLE TOILETS: Add 6-8 ounces weekly, to the holding tank. Pump weekly (as needed). 

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