Sludgebugs Arctic Blend

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Sludgebugs Arctic Blend Sludge Degrader

Available in 25lb pail (8oz Toss-It Packets)

  • Keeps plants and lagoons working efficiently in cold temperatures and reduces problems in the spring
  • Proven as an inexpensive alternative to fines, dredging and hauling
  • Contact us for seasonal, weekly or daily dosage recommendations 
  • Cold loving strains target & significantly lower BOD/COD, FOG, hydrocarbons, detergents and paper in cold water applications
  • May also be used as a long-term preventative safeguard, or to help keep effluent numbers within regulatory guidelines
  • Can reduce up to 70% of sludge, muck, algae & organic debris in the first season of use
  • Lowers ammonia
  • Clarifies water
  • Can eliminate hauling and dredging

Temperature drops impact the biochemical reactions associated with bacterial metabolism and reproduction. Reaction rates typically decrease by a half for each 10°C (50°F) drop. This decrease in reaction rate is often first seen as a decrease in oxygen uptake rate (OUR) activity or as a decline in COD reduction. It can take months for the microbial community to adapt to low temperature conditions, causing plant operating problems and decreased COD reduction.

In biological treatment systems, cold temperatures impact microbial growth and thus COD reduction by slowing down the transfer of nutrients across the cell membrane. Bacterial cell membranes contain fatty acids, which may be saturated or unsaturated. Saturated fatty acids congeal at higher temperatures than unsaturated fatty acids. The higher the concentration of saturated fatty acids, the more likely the cell membrane will congeal and become rigid at low temperatures, thereby inhibiting the transfer of nutrients across the cell membrane.

The psychrophilic (cold-loving) organisms in Sludgebugs Arctic Blend have much higher concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids in the cell membrane. This allows the membrane to stay more fluid at low temperatures and reduces the impact that low temperatures have on nutrient transport. This product has naturally occurring microorganisms that have been carefully isolated from low temperature environments to improve COD reduction and screened not only for survivability, but also for the highest activities in degrading a range of typical found in various wastewater types.

*For maximum results in high loading, cold water lagoon applications, try our Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend in conjunction with this product. 

**In high grease loading lift station applications during cold weather periods, try our Greasebugs LSC (Lift Station Cleaner) in conjunction with this product for 24/7 treatment. 

The wastewater system dosage chart below may be used as a worse case scenario guideline, and as all situations vary, please consider titration as a means to get to the best dosage for your system and expectations. 

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