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Sludgebugs DN Denitrification Blend

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Sludgebugs DN Denitrification Blend

Available in 25lb pail (8oz Toss-It Packets)

Contains fast-acting and robust denitrifying bacteria that work in a wide range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes. It increases start-up speed, improves denitrification stability, shortens recovery time and upsets and reduces the risk of non-compliance. 

As total nitrogen removal becomes more prevalent in wastewater treatment permits, plants need to incorporate denitrification into their treatment process. Denitrification (the conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas), requires a specific set of operating conditions, an available carbon source, nitrate and denitrifying bacteria. It can be a tricky process to establish and maintain, but Sludgebugs DN can be an integral part of the process, and generally takes 2-3 weeks to achieve desired results. 

*The wastewater system dosage chart below may be used as a worse case scenario guideline, and as all situations vary, please consider titration as a means to get to the best dosage for your system and expectations. 

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