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Sludgebugs HC Hydrocarbon Blend

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Sludgebugs Hydrocarbon Blend

25lb pail Sludgebugs HC Hydrocarbon Blend 50x8oz Toss-It Packets

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  • Effectively Degrades Petrochemicals & Petroleum Hydrocarbons

SLUDGEBUGS HC is a high-powered synergistic blend of 18 selectively adapted bacteria strains developed for the accelerated degradation of hydrocarbon compounds such as gasoline, diesel fuel, crude oil, coal tar, and fuel oils #4, #5 and #6

Use SLUDGEBUGS HC for the bio-remediation in lagoons, plants, containment cells and soil & ground water that has been infiltrated by hydrocarbons to systems and from leaking storage tanks, spills and line leaks of all types. Also may be used as part of a dead seed start up after infiltration has occurred and removed. 

SLUDGEBUGS HC can eliminate or reduce the high cost of liability risks of offsite disposal of contaminated sludge, soil or ground water. 

SLUDGEBUGS HC will help prevent extended environmental damage by the bio-degradation of the contaminant plume. 

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