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Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend Sludge Degrader

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Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend Sludge Degrader

25lb pail Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend 50x8oz Toss-It Packets

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  • Proven as an inexpensive alternative to fines, dredging and hauling
  • Contact us for weekly dosage recommendations 
  • 13 strains that target & significantly lower BOD/COD, FOG, hydrocarbons, detergents and paper
  • May also be used as a long-term preventative safeguard, or to help keep effluent numbers within regulatory guidelines
  • In most cases, treatment can pay for itself with the interest on money saved on engineering alone, not to mention dredging and hauling! 
  • Reduce up to 70% of sludge and muck
  • Lowers ammonia
  • Clarifies water
  • Reduces dredging


  • Maintenance Dose: Add 50lb per surface-acre, depending on depth of sludge or extent of surface debris, or as needed.
  • Heavy Dose:  Use 75lb per surface-acre. Contact us for weekly dosage recommendations 
  • Temperature Range: Works best when water temperature is 60° F (17°C) to 130°F (54°C). The warmer it is the faster they reproduce and digest sludge.

Hint #1 - For maximum results in cold water applications, try our Sludgebugs Arctic Blend in conjunction with this product. 

Hint #2 - Use in conjunction with Sludgebugs Megadose Pellets for a comprehensive, versatile and more convenient application experience. 

Proven across the United States as an inexpensive alternative to dredging and hauling bio-solids for over 15 years. Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend has been formulated for use in municipal, commercial and industrial applications, including meat and poultry processing and slaughterhouses. 

Lagoons offer an economical way to treat the high cost of wastewater flows generated from, pulp and paper mills, for example. Despite effective wastewater sludge reduction and treatment, solids can still accumulate at the bottom of the lagoons, resulting in short-circuiting, reduced hydraulic retention time, and ultimately, poor treatment. The most common way to alleviate this wastewater sludge reduction issue is through costly dredging.

Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend offers a biological alternative to dredging. The combination of beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and essential nutrients stimulates biological activity in the sludge and provides a cost effective way of reducing sludge volume and improving treatment. Sludgebugs are applied at the water surface and sink directly into the settled sludge layer. They are easily applied over a broad area and target hot spots where sludge has accumulated.

The microorganisms and nutrients in Sludgebugs stimulate biological activity in the sludge layer, allowing floc particles to become larger and denser—improving wastewater sludge reduction. Denser floc particles contain less water and lead to greater compaction. Sludgebugs help to degrade substances that hold decaying biomass together at the lagoon bottom. Beneficial microorganisms further complete the degradation of decaying biomass and result in a lower and more compact sludge layer.

Sludgebugs offer unique biological solutions to assist customers in meeting their wastewater sludge reduction and solids handling goals. Sludgebugs products, powered by beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, stimulate biological activity in lagoon sludge layers to minimize settled sludge volume and reduce solids handling costs. 

"We treated our lagoon cell with Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend for a 2-month period, with testing done both before and after treatment. The results showed a 35% reduction of sludge, and added at least 10 years to the life of the cell. We estimated that your product saved our village $150,000 - $175,000."

"We had an overwhelming sludge accumulation in our two 10-acre cells, and rather than having it hauled out, we decided to try your Sludgebugs Lagoon Blend 2-year aggressive treatment program. After two years, we had eliminated 55% of the sludge volume. We observed a 3-foot reduction in the 5-foot sludge mounds at both inlet pipes. We also noticed that the 10-12 inches of sludge around the perimeter of each pond disappeared, and virtually all of the floating debris was eliminated in the first week of use." 

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