Sludgebugs Septic Tank Treatment

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Sludgebugs Septic Tank Treatment

Available in 25lb pail (8oz Toss-It Packets)

Powerful synergistic blend, formulated to maintain a free flowing septic tanks, drain lines and drain field by quickly reducing bio-solids in tanks and leach fields in municipal, commercial and industrial applications. 

Helps to eliminate the high costs of leach field and drain line clogs, and septic tank pumping and hauling. Helps to reduce obnoxious odors and attacks septic sludge, FOG, detergents and other robust compounds that are the cause of clogging, backups and overloading. May be added prior to or directly to the tank or after the tank to directly treat drain lines and leach fields.


  • Dramatic reduction in volume of organic waste 
  • Effective odor reduction
  • Improves drainage
  • Optimized, proprietary, application-specific bacterial consortium targets wastes found in septic tanks
  • Enhances the natural biology of cesspools, septic tanks, and drainage areas.
  • Stabilized cellulase for faster breakdown of toilet paper and cellulosic material
  • Effervescent formulation for faster dissolution
  • Increased system efficiency
  • Safe for the user and the environment
  • Ready to use

Septic Tank Maintenance Directions: Monthly - Add 1 packet (**once or twice per month) into toilet bowl, and let stand until dissolved, then flush.

Aggressive Septic Tank Treatment: Double the above monthly dosage 

Leach Field Maintenance Directions: Double the above monthly dosage 

Aggressive Leach Field Treatment: Dissolve 5 packets in a 5 gallon pail of warm water. Mix, and let stand for 15-20 minutes. Add directly to the *distribution box or to the outlet leading from the septic tank to the leach field. Follow with plenty of clear water to distribute the solution throughout the field, and repeat three times weekly until desired results are achieved.

*Although it’s not the preferred method, if no direct box is available to treat the leach field, add directly to the septic tank. 

**Double or triple the above treatments (depending on size, and loading) for commercial tanks and fields. 

Sludgebugs Septic Tank Treatment is a safe to use, eco-friendly, highly powerful anaerobic biological blend of enhanced species, specially formulated to maintain a free flowing tank, drain lines and drain field by quickly reducing bio-solids and grease in septic tanks and leach fields in residential, small business and campground applications. 

Eliminates the high cost of septic tank pumping and hauling. Helps to reduce obnoxious odors and attack septic sludge, FOG, detergents and other robust compounds that are the cause of clogging, backups and overloading of tanks and leach fields. 

Application-specific bacteria effectively break down and reduce the volume of organic waste, increasing septic tank efficiency and reducing the need for pumping and maintenance. Septic tank function can be adversely affected by large quantities of organic waste such as fats, oils, grease, proteins and starches as well as paper. If these wastes are not broken down effectively the septic tank must be pumped out more regularly or foul odors and back-ups can occur. The bacteria present in our septic tank products target and degrades these organic compounds thereby increasing system efficiency, reducing odor and helping to prevent system back-ups. Paper in particular can be very detrimental to system efficiency but the optimized bacterial consortium included in Sludgebugs Septic Tank Treatment includes our best cellulase producing bacteria which ensures that the volume of paper in septic tanks is greatly reduced.  

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