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We proudly offer the world's best biological solutions for grease, sludge and odors in commercial, municipal, industrial and rural applications

From the smallest private home community, to the largest food producers, for decades, our family-owned business has supplied world-class products for wastewater plants, lagoon bioremediation and maintenance, sewer collection and septic systems, meat packers, slaughterhouses, kitchen drain lines and grease traps, indoor and outdoor restroom floors, drain, toilets, waterless urinals, barns and kennels. 

Whether in schools, hospitals, restaurants, food producers, farms, campgrounds, resorts, cities, towns and villages across America and Canada, all of our products are guaranteed to work, and save our customer time and money. 

Safe, reliable and effective bioremediation treatment is an essential benefit to our customer. Whether it's for maintenance purposes, or drastic sludge and grease reduction, we provide scientifically proven and environmentally sound solutions that come recommended by Rural Water Associations across the United States.   

Please contact us directly for detailed information on wastewater plant, lagoon bioremediation or maintenance application dosages, lift station, collection system, and all grease reduction estimates, additional bulk pricing discounts, price matching, or to set up a *Net 30 account: 


 *Net 30 / Purchase Order prompt will appear at checkout. We offer instant credit for all municipal and government entities, and easy setup and terms for most others.

"Sludge Hauling Cut By Over 75%!" 

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"Stubborn Urine Odors Eliminated In Less Than 3 Days!"


The situation surrounding the outbreak of Covid-19 is rapidly changing and it is resulting in challenges for organizations across the world. As a business, we are continually monitoring the latest information and local advice about the global COVID-19 outbreak and we are taking measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our employees and maintain business continuity. We have established Covid-19 Teams to oversee our response to the virus and our contingency planning.


These teams are:

1.    actively monitoring disease progression in each country, WHO guidance, supplier and supply chain risks and prevention and containment measures


2.    communicating best practices for safeguarding colleague health and ensuring that anyone displaying symptoms follows local guidance for seeking treatment and self-isolation


3.    testing business contingency plans and building stock to ensure that we can maintain supply and delivery



Our production sites, offices and labs are continuing to work, subject to any local restrictions. We have identified areas which we consider critical to operate and within these areas, we have developed operational continuity plans in our teams to preserve our ability to supply our valued customers over the coming months.


We currently have good stocks, and our customer orders have not been impacted at this time. However, this is a dynamic situation and our commercial and production teams are working to identify any potential impacts and we will work closely with customers should shortages or logistics complexity affect any deliveries in the weeks ahead.

Thank you, and be well